Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Post Ride Medical Issues

Just two weeks after the end of the cross country bike ride, I had a severe ear infection and had already passed a large kidney stone. This seems like enough, but it was just a small part of things to come. In short order, I had trouble breathing, quickly had another kidney stone, and just was simply struggling with my running. Doctors were stumped about the breathing and thought I might have asthma or even a serious heart problem. Finally on a Friday morning, while running with a client, I all but collapsed after less than a mile on the road. Doctors told me that I needed to rest. I started searching medical sites and found that I had most of the symptoms of a deep vein thrombosis, or serious blood clot. After convincing the doctors to let me have the test to verify the blood clot, the clot was confirmed that afternoon. I was immediately started on blood thinner and had a shot to stabilize the situation. Other clots or pulmonary embolisms were found in my lungs. Now, almost 5 weeks after the clot discovery, my breathing is back to normal, as is my pulse rate. I feel great and have averaged 50 miles a week running over the last 3 weeks. Because of the chance of clots in my brain, an MRI was performed and no clots were found. However, a small brain tumor was found. Currently, we are on hold with the tumor till the clots are gone, making any surgery less risky. Bottom line, the bike ride cause the blood clots due to hydration issues and elevation. Yet the blot clots helped to discover the brain tumor, which otherwise would have continued to grow unabated till symptoms occurred. At today's writing, good news is all we have. Further updates later.

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