Monday, September 16, 2013

Back From My Cross Country Bicycle Ride

I have been absent from posting for the last few months because I rode from Astoria, Oregon to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by bike this summer. I flew to Portland, Oregon and then got a ride to Astoria. My ride took 56 total days, and eventually covered 4,164 miles. It was the greatest adventure of my life to this point. I hope there is another big adventure just around the corner.
I have spent many hours in the last month writing a memoir of the journey currently titled "Never Waste a Tailwind"

I am back coaching, and have already added several new clients. Two Beginning Runner classes have just started and are now in the second week. One is in Kannapolis and one is in Salisbury.
Great things are happening with local races. I will have more news on that in a few days.

You may see all articles of the ride here:

Highest point of the ride..

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