Friday, February 1, 2013

The RCCC classes at Kannapolis are now at the halfway point. Total participants were 43 in the Tuesday night class and 10 in the Thursday morning class. At this point, we still have 36 in the Tuesday class and at least 6 in the morning class. No weather issues at this point, though we have just missed so far. New classes will start in March, with a Monday night class and a Thursday noon class. Running at the Research Campus has been a dream so far with great lighting and lots of wide sidewalks and mostly flat terrain. The classroom facility is top notch. So far, so good with 4 weeks to go. Online registration is going to be available for the next round of 'Fortify Your Fitness.' and 704-216-7222. A new poster will be available soon on the Ulearn2run bulletin board.

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