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     I have been so very fortunate to have discovered running many years ago. I found the joy of exercise and running when I started to gain some weight. I was already playing sports, but my body was not developing the way that I wanted it to. I had 20 extra pounds going along for the ride every day, and they were really weighing me down. I was sluggish, tired for no reason, and less motivated than I wanted to be. My running started with slow one mile runs, and the progress was tough. No one told me what to do, so there was a lot of trial and error. After sticking with it, I soon decided to run a race here and there. My commitment to a healthy lifestyle was developing, and my racing was improving. I ran as much for my mental state and well as for my physical wellbeing. Improvement came, and running became my passion.

Since 1979, I have run just a little over 64,000 miles and 600 races. A normal week for me now averages 40-45 miles, though there have been times that I ran close to 100 miles per week. Often twice a day was the norm. To say that running and exercise have served me well would be a tremendous understatement. It has fueled my competitive spirit and physically allowed me to reach new heights that never would have been considered. Nearly every day starts with an early morning run, jumpstarting my body and mind for the challenges that we all face.

Recently, I started this venture in hopes that it will allow me to help others receive the same benefits that I cherish. I look forward to helping you get started.

We’ll start with an individual assessment, and talk about your goals, and then together we’ll get you moving toward better general overall fitness with all the positive variables that I love. I look forward to serving you.


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